Milky Whites: Unoriginal Sin

Before I go any further, I want to get this out of the way: I am definitely, for sure, no-doubt-about-it wearing the same shirt, shoes, and beanie you last saw me in a month ago in our inaugural “Milky Whites” post. I’ll let that sink in for a few moments. …

Minimize: Burberry Forever and Always

There are few things as thrilling to a fashion fanatic as the excitement of fashion week(s).  There are fewer things as exhausting… even to those who are only participating via Instagram or the well-formatted slideshows made possible by Style.com. Though it can be exhausting, it is essential to have a …

Milky Whites: Buttcoats

It’s the middle of winter and if you are like me you will agree when I say that all this dressing warm is getting a bit tedious. Layers, layers, layers. I feel as if it has been tattooed into my mind (speaking of mind tattoos, I suspect those will be …


If laid out correctly, the life of a pair of pants can be truly inspiring. It’s journey with us begins at the point of purchase, but the span of a well-made pantaloon’s life stretches far before and often after its time with us. From the weaving of its fabric to …