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dirty blonde, buzzcut


dark brown, welcoming, honest




somewhere between twink and otter? tbh, i'm my own mf class of gay.





it, that (kidding...! he/him/they/them)

favorite color

a milky mix of the following: turquoise, lilac, salmon, chartreuse, sage, chocolate milk, teal, blush

favorite domestic animal

cat (chica, my calico princess, specifically)

favorite wild animal

panda, koala, or lioness

favorite television

Twin Peaks, Mad Men, Hunter x Hunter, Cowboy Bebop, Girls, Insecure, Atlanta, Community, 30 Rock, The Good Place, Jane the Virgin, Portlandia, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Broad City, Voltron: Legendary Defender, fudge i could go on forever im stopping there.

an interview with

Addison Joel Butler


Addison Joel Butler

I'm going to try something a little different for this about page. Rather than supply you with the information you're probably looking for in any sort of efficient manner, I'll instead subject you to a harebrained writing experiment in which I attempt to interview myself. A trait inherited from my mother, I'm an avid self-talker. I would venture to say maybe 70% of the words to come out of my mouth are directed at nobody but myself. A self-interview as my about page, then, makes perfect sense... to me. Here's how the process will go: I'm going to rapid-fire record random, improvised questions, shooting for somewhere between 50-100--enough for the questions to pass through me without making much of an impression. I'll stash that recording away for a few days, then come back to them with a refreshed mindset, and play the questions one by one, pausing to answer the question, which will also be recorded in real time (to keep an ounce of pressure in this process and so I don't have too much time to stew on my answers and perfect them...) If a question annoys me or doesn't work or is stupid, I give myself the agency to skip it, BUT no question can be altered in any way. Once all questions are answered, I will make edits and weed out some of the less exciting/important answers, for your convenience and reading pleasure. I might make the audio available at some point, for kicks.

As of 7/9/18, this experiment is still under way—I''ve stashed my initial questions far away and am allowing my brain to forget the hell out of them. Check back SOON for UPDATES!!

Here goes nothing:

Addison Joel Butler: Q1

Addison Joel Butler: A1